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General Strike in Nigeria : "Tunesia will be a child's play"

General Strike in Nigeria : "Tunesia will be a child's play"



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| 2012 |

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Film about the movement "Occupy Nigeria" in January 2012. The general strike against the abolition of the subsidies on petrol lasted eight days; more than 50,000 people took to the streets.
Most shops and factories were closed, and the airspace was restricted. The capital Lagos, with the country's biggest companies and factories, is the centre of West African markets. It was at a standstill. Approximately 8 million workers participated in the strike. (The country has 160 million inhabitants.)
On January 17, the heads of the union federations NLC and TUC announced the end of the strike. President Jonathan had said that the price of a litre of petrol would be lowered to 97 Naira. That is still much higher than the price on December 31 - which the movement wanted to regain.

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