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Interview with Kim Jin Suk

Interview with Kim Jin Suk

korean with engl. subt.


42 min

| 2012 |

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Interview with Kim Jin Suk who occupied a crane in the Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction shipyard from January to November 2011. The trade unionist was protesting against the dismissal of 600 colleagues and relocation of parts of production to the Philippines.

"This crane occupation was a signal of the democratic movement, that has had a long tradition in South Korea. Ten thousand people came from all over the country on buses to Busan and gave the striker hope. The police wanted to break up the assemblies of people with tear gas and paint guns. But the number of supporters grew. The tide turned. The striking trade unionists won the majority in the company elections and the management had to finally back down." (International branch of the IG Metal workers union)



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